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At My Green Space, we strive to eat fruits and vegetables free of pesticides and other chemicals. This is evident in the soil content of our garden boxes, how we get rid of pests and diseases, and in the hands-on approach we take to gardening. When it comes to what goes on our skin and bodies, why should this rule of knowing what’s in our products change?

In a growing movement towards DIY and homemade cosmetics, many bloggers have put together tutorials on different products you can make yourself, at a low cost, knowing exactly what ingredients are being used. Below, we’ve compiled a few different ways to make everyday body products.

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On her blog, zero waste advocate Lauren Singer (watch this video to learn how she managed to store three years’ worth of trash in a single mason jar) shares her recipe for both toothpaste and body butter. Besides making a few adjustments to what you expect in a toothpaste, this recipe will change your life! It can be made using organic ingredients and for a fraction of the cost of store-bought tubes. 

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In this article, the different harmful effects of standard store-bought deodorants are listed, with some healthy alternatives given as well. Another way to avoid these chemicals is to make your own deodorant, found in this tutorial from Thank Your Body.

Rather than running to Sephora when you next run out of makeup, try making your own! The colouring in blush can be created from fine beetroot powder or dried ground hibiscus flowers, the latter of which is used in this DIY from One Good Thing.

Image from Free People Blog

Lip Balm:
Choose your own lip balm scent in the form of different essential oils, mixed in with the rest of the ingredients in this hemp & honey lip balm tutorial from Garden Therapy. You can purchase beeswax pellets at The Soap Dispensary in Vancouver, and they can also be used to make reusable food wraps! On a side note, I was completely mind-blown when my friend told me she used wax from her own beehive to make her lip balm.

Coffee Scrub:
Body scrubs have become increasingly more popular in recent years and it's no wonder why! I personally love the feel of coffee scrubs (even though I'm not a caffeine drinker at all). Learn to make your own with this DIY from The Beauty Bar.

We hope you’re feeling inspired to make your own cosmetics! Let us know any of your favourite products that you make by yourself in the comments below.

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