The True Cost of the Fast Fashion Industry

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a podcast that interviewed Andrew Morgan, the director of a documentary called “The True Cost.” The Rich Roll Podcast focuses on spotlighting individuals that promote nutrition and wellness for listeners to implement in their daily activities. Not long ago, he hosted Andrew Morgan and shared a conversation that discussed the human rights and environmental implications of fast fashion – the untold story about fashion.

How and when did clothing become an essentially disposable product? What is really going on?

Those are questions discussed in the podcast and directly addressed in the documentary. It’s about the clothes we wear, the people who make them, and the impact the garment industry is having on the world we share. The True Cost highlights the fact that cheap is actually expensive when dealing with fast fashion. When calculating the cost of many garments, one must include the priceless expense of the impact it is making on exploited workers, the environment, and animals.

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The main message of the documentary is not to pinpoint corporations and blame them for the effects their actions have had to our planet. But more importantly, the documentary promotes the idea of asking questions. This idea that we should be curious and ask ourselves where the products we are consuming or purchasing really come from? Who are they affecting? How can we decrease this damage?

The podcast is a very informative talk that shares not only the main message of becoming aware of our social and environmental impact through our purchases, but also gives us insight on the experience the producers of The True Cost had. It discusses behind-the-scene experiences that Andrew Morgan and his team went through while travelling the world in order to gain more knowledge on the fast fashion industry as well as highlights inspirational people that they met during the journey.

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I invite you to either watch the documentary, listen to the podcast (or both) if you are interested in expanding your knowledge on fast fashion and how this industry is affecting many people, animals and the environmental worldwide. It is definitely eye-opening informative content that I hope will encourage you to ask more questions in your daily activities.

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