Beginner arugula tips in 60 seconds


Ready to start growing arugula? As one of the fastest growing vegetables to grow, arugula is also one of the simplest vegetables to grow. As we mentioned in the previous article, you can grow arugula in almost any location during most of the year. Not bad for a plant that’s also rich in vitamins and minerals.

So, if you have found the space to start growing arugula, go grab some arugula seeds or seedlings at your local garden store to start growing!

As you begin your journey to gardening consider some of these simple quick arugula tips as you go from planting to harvest.



How much space does arugula need? Not much at all. You need as little as six inches (about 16 centimeters) in diameter and eight inches (about 20 centimeters) in depth. That much space can give you a decent monthly harvest.

Unsure where to grow arugula? You can grow them indoors or outdoors. The only conditions arugula needs are sunlight and drainage. It fares best in temperatures between four degrees Celsius (40 degrees Fahrenheit) and 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit).

How can I keep my containers properly drained? If you are using containers like pots to grow arugula, make sure to drill drainage holes into the containers. You can improve the container’s drainage by also adding one to two inches of small gravel or stones at the bottom of the container.

How do I plant arugula seeds? Plant the seeds a quarter of an inch (under one centimeter) under the soil and approximately one inch (under three centimeters) apart. Once planted, lightly sprinkle some water over the soil.

How often do I plant new seeds? Planting new seeds every two weeks can give you a constant supply of arugula. Section the garden with stones or label your garden to help you know which plants to harvest first.



When do I thin my arugula? After a week, when the arugula is about one inch tall. If your arugula plants are less than half an inch (around one centimeter) apart, pull out the smaller looking arugula plans. Feel free to eat those plants you’ve pulled out.


While you can thin arugula, it can also grow in bunches as seen in this image from Flickr

How do you know when your arugula needs extra attention? Arugula is so low maintenance that it has almost no pest or disease problems. But if your plant’s leaves have holes, it may have flea beetles. Immediately remove the leaves with holes to minimize damage.

How often do I water them? Arugula grows best under damp soil, not wet nor mucky. So a light sprinkle three times a week should do, more if it's sunny.

What do I do when my arugula plant grows flowers? You can either pull the plant and add new seeds or let it grow out (bolt) as it will reseed on its own. Keep in mind, a bolting plant, however, may produce overly peppery arugula leaves.



How long until the arugula is ready for harvest? An arugula plant is ready to harvest in around four weeks.

Need to know if your arugula is ready for harvest? When the plant has more than five sets of leaves. Remember to leave some leaves in each set so it can continue to grow quickly.

How do I harvest the plant? Cut or tear the leaves you want. Pick as close to the base of the plant as possible and begin with the outer leaves. It’s best to harvest often, every week, in small batches.

Can I allow my arugula to continue growing after it’s ready? Yes, just remember that as the plant ages, the stronger its flavor.


An image of an arugula flower from Wikimedia

When do I pull out the plant? Once the plant grows over 12 inches or has started growing flowers (around 30 centimeters), pull out the plant and add new seeds. You can cut out the flowers leave it in the ground, these can regrow to new plants.

With all these simple tips you almost guarantee a successful life for your arugula. If you’re ready to start, jump right to your My Green Space app to set up your arugula plant today!


Header photo from Pexels

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