Beginner green onion tips in 60 seconds


Ready to start growing green onions or scallions? As we mentioned in the previous articlethis vegetable is one of the simplest plants you can grow, no matter your gardening experience. It’s also one of the better plants to grow indoors, by the window.

 So, if you have found the space to start growing green onions, you’re all ready to start growing! As you begin your journey to gardening consider some of these simple quick tips as you go from planting to harvest.



Don’t want to start with a seed or a set? Grab green onions from the grocery and regrow that. As long as the white area of the green onion has roots at the end, you can use the vegetable to grow more green onion shoots.

What ways can I grow green onions? You can grow green onions with or without soil. If you choose to grow the plant without soil, use the bulbs from the green onions you bought at the grocery or market. Put it on a clear glass container and add enough water to cover the bulbs, just like below. That’s it.


Image from The Burlap Bag

Unsure where to grow green onions? If you live in a hot climate, it's best to grow your green onions in a partially shaded area outdoors. If you live in a colder climate, you'll want to plant your green onions in a sunny area. If you grow your onions indoors, put them by a window that gets some sunlight.

How do I know if my seedling is ready for transplant? Once the green onion seedling sprouts a third leaf, it should be ready to transplant.



How do you know when your plant needs extra attention? If the sprouts of the plant are not green or have spots. Harvest to Table’s guide on growing problems for onions is a great place to start troubleshooting your plant. Also, if your plants are growing flowers, cut off the flowers immediately. It may suggest the area is too warm for the plant.

How often do I water them? Once every three days, less if it’s raining. Green onions love moisture, so give them a nice shower every now and then. Insert your finger into the soil. If it feels dry, best to water the plant.



How long until the plant is ready for harvest? From a seed as early as 40 days while from a transplant 30 days. Sooner if you are regrowing your food scraps.

Need to know if your green onions are ready for harvest? Once the green part of the onion shoots grow over six inches you can harvest the plant.

How do I harvest the plant? You can either pull the entire plant from the ground or cut the green portion of the plant for consumption. You can usually cut shoots from the plant one to two times before it stops growing. Also if you do cut the plant, make sure to keep an inch of green on the plant. This allows for regrowth. 

How long can I delay its harvest? You continue to grow the plant for as long as you want; the bulb at the bottom of the plant will eventually grow to an onion. The only thing to know is the longer you let the plant grow, the stronger the flavor of the shoots.

With all these simple tips you almost guarantee a successful life for your green onions. If you’re ready to start, jump right to your My Green Space app to set up your green onion plant today!


Header photo by Peter Wendt

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