Easiest vegetables: arugula


Arugula is a two-way plant whose crop you can use both as a vegetable and a herb. As a young plant, arugula tastes similar to spinach; but as the plant grows, it's flavor evolves. An older arugula plant will have a crunchier texture and more peppery flavor, making it more of a herb.

Just like its flexibility in cooking, arugula is just as flexible to grow. Capable in growing in many places it’s also one of the fastest growing edible plants out there. Simple, versatile, and cheap to grow, once you successfully grow arugula, you’ll never want to spend for arugula in the grocery again.

In fact, arugula is so easy to grow that this is one of the few rare occasions where we give the options of growing the plant from seed or seeding, even if you’ve never grown a plant before. We’re that confident in you.

So how easy does it really take to grow arugula?


First off, where can you grow your arugula? Almost anywhere in cool weather.

Arugula plants do not take much space to grow and have very few growing conditions. All it needs is soil, some sunlight and temperatures between 4 degrees Celsius (40 degrees Fahrenheit) and 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit) .

Is it too warm or cold outside? Grow the arugula indoors instead. Arugula plants require very little space to grow; a container eight inches deep and six inches in diameter is all you need.


How much time from you do arugula need? Less than 5 minutes a week.

Watering. For arugula to grow after planting it, it just needs watering, and not even a lot of it. Keep the soil moist but not mucky. A little sprinkle three times a week should do.  


How quick does arugula grow? As short as a month.

Yup, that’s how quick arugula grows. It grows so fast that it is also known by another name, rocket. Seriously. A short growth life, also, makes arugula a great plant to grow with other longer growing vegetables. It helps smother weeds and give you a harvest of food while waiting for your other plants.


In no time, you can have as much arugula as this image from Flickr for your harvest


How do you know when you need to harvest? Over five sets of leaves.

Once your arugula plant has over five sets of leaves branching from its main stem, the leaves can be harvested. Simply pull or cut the leaves you desire and enjoy.

One thing to remember, arugula acquires a stronger peppery flavor the longer it grows. We recommend starting with arugula leaves that are three inches long and adjusting from there. 


When can I start?

As an annual plant, you can start growing arugula anytime! They do prefer colder temperatures, under 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit). So fall or spring for four-season climates and rainy seasons in two-season climates are the best times to start outdoors.

If you live in warmer areas, remember you can also grow these plants indoors in small containers if necessary. Just keep it by a window sill or use grow lights so it gets the lighting it needs.

Ready to start growing arugula? We got all the necessary and yet simple arugula tips right here for you to aid in a successful harvest!


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