Easiest vegetables: garlic


When it comes to culinary versatility, there is no other plant more versatile than garlic. Garlic can be used in almost every cuisine, bringing its full sensory pungency to any dish it touches. Due to its well-balanced flavor of sweetness and spice, garlic is a must have for any kitchen, no matter what level of experience.

Like it’s simplicity and versatility with cooking, growing garlic is easy! There’s nothing to fear. Unless you’re a vampire. So what makes garlic such an easy plant to grow?


Image by Matthew Pilachowski

Before diving into what makes garlic an easy plant to grow we want to remind you that our beginner’s guide focuses exclusively on growing garlic cloves, not seeds. 


First off, where and when can you grow your little garlic plant? Almost anywhere outdoors during fall.

Garlic is best grown outside and planted during the fall. But aside from that, all you need is some space, about six inches by six inches. Simple as that.

How much time from does garlic need? 5 minutes a week.

Yup. Garlic rarely needs maintenance. They just need watering; a little shower every three days. That’s it.

How do you know when you need to harvest? Remember, half-yellowed.

Garlic will begin to grow grass-like shoots. When those shoots begin turning yellow, don’t fret, that’s a good sign. Once the shoots are half yellow, get your hands dirty, your garlic is ready for harvest.

When can I start?

If you’re up north, Canada and northern United States, start in the fall. If you’re further south, southern United States, start in January.

When you are ready, download the My Green Space app to see if you are in time to grow garlic today.


Do you already have your garlic cloves? Head here for some tips to grow your own garlic.

Header photo by Darius Anton

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