Easiest vegetables: green onions


Green onions, also known as scallions, is a one of the simplest edible plants to grow out there. It can grow indoors, or outdoors, in any climate, and even without soil. The green onion’s versatility is why we recommend this for anyone who has just started growing plants.


Image from Nash’s Organic Produce

In the kitchen the green onion is a common vegetable in many different meals. Milder in its flavor compared to its more mature form, the onion, green onions are a lighter addition of sweetness and spiciness to your meal.

But before diving into what makes green onions an easy plant to grow we want to remind you that our beginner’s guide focuses exclusively on growing onion seedlings, not seeds nor sets.


First off, where can you grow your green onion plant? Almost anywhere.

Green onions can grow both indoors and outdoors at anytime of the year with minimal space. The only two things you have to pay attention to is temperature and sunlight. Green onions prefer colder weathers with six to eight hours of sunlight.

We recommend trying to grow them indoors. Just put the green onion plant by a window that gets some natural light. Short on natural light? Put the plant under fluorescent lights or use grow lights.


How much time from you do green onions need? Less than 5 minutes a week.

Yup. Green onions rarely need maintenance. They just need watering; a little shower every three days. That’s it; nature takes care of the rest.


How do you know when you need to harvest? Remember, six inches.

The moment your green onion shoots have about six inches of green shoots, the plant is ready for harvest. Pull it out of the ground and enjoy your harvest.

You can also cut off a portion of the green onion shoot and let the plant regrow again. Just remember to leave about one inch of green-colored shoot on the plant.

And since green onions are premature onions, forgetting to harvest them in time still leaves you with a usable vegetable, on onion.


When can I start?

You’d want to wait for colder seasons if you are growing them outdoors, such as fall and spring for four-season climates and rainy seasons for two-season climates.

But if you have found a space indoors with sunlight you can start as early as today! Like the image below shows, you can even grow green onion food scraps without soil!


Image from The Burlap Bag

All you have to do is throw the bottom portion of the green onion on a transparent glass, fill it with water to cover the white portion of the plant, and sit the glass by the window. That's it! When you get your green onion plant, download the My Green Space app to manage your plant today.


Do you already have your green onions? Head here for some tips to grow your own green onions.

Header photo by Peter Wendt

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