Easiest vegetables: radishes


Although not as staple in the kitchen as other vegetables, radishes are a great addition of flavor and nutrition to meals. Mildly peppery in taste, while crisp and zesty to feel, it is also a good source of fiber and other vitamins.

A radish is also a visually appealing garnish to dishes.  With its distinctly reddish skin and glowing white interior, it can make your dish not only taste good but look good. All this can make the radish a sensory overload of enjoyment to eat.


This visually stunning radish from Pexels

But, unlike it’s rich capabilities as a vegetable, growing radishes are much simpler. In fact, it’s hard to find an easier vegetable to grow than radishes.

Radishes are so easy to grow that this is one of the few rare occasions where we even recommend you start growing the plant from seed, even if you’ve never grown a plant before. We’re that confident in you.

So what else makes radishes such an easy plant to grow?


First off, where can you grow your radish? Almost anywhere.

Radishes do not take much space at all, allowing it to grow almost anywhere with sunlight and soil. Radishes are even great companion plants that can prevent certain pests from growing in your garden.

The only things you need to know about growing radishes is temperature. Although they need a fair amount of sunlight, radishes are cool weather plants that need to grow in temperatures under 16 degrees Celsius (60 degrees Fahrenheit). 

Too warm outside? Put the radish seeds on a small container, let it sit by a window with natural light, and grow them indoors. Simple as that.


How much time from you do radishes need? Less than 5 minutes a week.

Watering. For a radish to grow after planting it, it just needs watering, and not even a lot of it. Keep the soil moist but not mucky. A little sprinkle three times a week should do.  


How quick do radishes grow? For some types, a month.

There are two kinds of radishes, spring and winter. Generally, spring radishes take around four weeks while winter radishes take longer, eight to ten weeks, to be ready for harvest. Once you hit this range feel free to pull one plant out and give it a taste.

Such a short growth life makes radishes a great plant to grow with other longer growing vegetables. Giving you the food you want while waiting for your other plants to grow. 


How do you know when you need to harvest? Bigger is not better

When the radish begins to swell out of the ground, it is ready for harvest. To harvest, just pull it out of the ground and use to your liking. 


Here's an example of a radish begging to be pulled from Wikimedia

It’s important to remember while the radish will grow bigger the longer you keep it underground it will also taste more bitter and feel like eating cork. So over-eagerness is greatly appreciated by the radishes.


When can I start?

You’d want to wait for colder seasons if you are growing radishes outdoors, such as fall and spring for four-season climates and rainy seasons in two-season climates. Remember radishes need temperatures under 16 degrees Celsius (60 degrees Fahrenheit).

If you are eager to get started but do not have warmer temperatures, grow them indoors! You can keep it by a window sill or use grow lights.

Ready to start growing radishes? We got all the necessary and yet simple radish tips right here for you to aid in a successful harvest!


Header photo from Pixabay

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