Easiest vegetables: tomatoes


Is it a vegetable or a fruit? That is the most complicated question you will need to answer when it comes to growing tomatoes for the first time. These well-known fruits have a refreshing feel while offering a flexible taste to fit many different dishes. While tomatoes are a staple for numerous dishes such as salsa, Bloody Mary, and ketchup, it easily pairs with almost any salad, or pair it with any meat.

So what makes tomatoes such an easy plant to grow?

Tomato image from Hummert International

Before diving into what makes tomatoes an easy plant to grow we want to remind you that our beginner’s guide focuses exclusively on growing seedlings or baby plants, not seeds. 


First off, where can you grow your little tomato plant? Almost anywhere.

A tomato plant is really flexible. It grows in most places of the world almost anytime. It can also grow indoors and outdoors, in almost any space. A tomato plant can grow from a hanging pot, in your yard, or even in a coffee mug.

How much time do tomatoes need? 10-15 minutes.

That’s it. Water them from the soil three times a week (less if it rains) and during one watering session, give it a quick trim of its leaves.

How about when you need to harvest? Remember, red and squeezy.

When your tomato is red and squeezy, go ahead and harvest that delicious fruit. A good average for tomatoes to start bearing fruit is a little over a month, 40 days, or under 30 minutes of tomato maintenance.  

What do tomatoes need? Just sunlight.

Tomatoes only have one important natural need: sunlight. If you are able to provide six hours of sunlight to your tomato plant, it will be satisfied. There you have it, the simplicity of growing tomatoes.

When you are ready, download the My Green Space app to see if you have the sunlight to grow tomatoes today.


Do you already have your tomato plant? Head on here for some tips on growing your tomatoes.

Header image by Ivan Timov

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