How to grow a garden with very limited space


Living in the city usually means space is limited--few of us have backyards or large open spaces that can be used to grow food. But this doesn’t mean food can’t be grown in the city! There are lots of ways to grow food in small spaces, you just need to get creative.

What To Grow?

First, you need to know which vegetables grow well in small spaces both outdoors and indoors. Vegetables like lettuce, carrots, garlic, onions, and tomatoes are great for the balcony and patio growers. Check out this article by Greenside Up that goes into more detail about the best vegetables for growing in small outdoor spaces.

Vegetables that can grow in small spaces



Don’t have a balcony or patio? That’s okay, there are plenty of vegetables that can be grown indoors, such as lettuce, basil, tomatoes, green onions, and radishes. You can find ideas on vegetables to grow in indoor containers in our Pinterest boardwhile this article by Planet Natural provides tips on how to grow food indoors once you’ve chosen your veggies. Growing plants indoors also has the added benefit of reduced risk of pests and diseases making it ideal for beginner gardeners.


What To Grow In?

If you’re tight on space it can be hard to imagine how you can make space to grow food; but there are plenty of ideas for aesthetically pleasing planter boxes, pots and containers to grow in. Check out this article for space-saving indoor planter ideas. The the herb rack is only one of many ideas! Our small space gardening ideas board on Pinterest has more ideas like this to make your small space as productive as possible.

Mason Jar Garden



Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening is another great way to maximize your small space, by making room for a garden and leaving space for you. It is also very simple to execute. You just stack, hang or layer planters vertically, rather than spread out on the ground. Dreaming in DIY has some great examples of vertical gardens hereAlso, check out this neat vertical gardening idea for having planters on your balcony, from The Horticult. If those don’t pique your, curiosity check out our vertical gardening Pinterest board for even more ideas.

Vertical Clay Planters


Don't let space be what's stopping you from growing a garden. Let these ideas inspire you to start gardening with confidence today!

Header image from Jeff Sheldon

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