Lighting for indoor gardening: grow lights


You’ve heard it since kindergarten, a plant needs two things to grow: water and sunlight. But for some of us wanting to grow plants indoors, there is a lot of water but, usually, not so much sunlight. Don’t worry, those of us with a green thumb or at least trying to grow one, need not settle for a chia pet to grow plants indoors.


If you really want a chia pet you can get one at

We got the lighting solution that will allow you to even grow your own food garden. How? Use grow lights. 


How do grow lights work?

All plants create their own food by converting carbon dioxide into sugars (and the oxygen that we need to breathe!). This process is powered by the energy from sunlight through photosynthesis. This is a very natural process that has allowed humans and plants to live in harmony for thousands of years; and can be replicated to grow plants indoors by using grow lights!

The best thing you can do is research the intensity of your grow light as well as the duration of light needed to grow your plant. Duration can vary from 8-18 hours of lighting, depending on the type of plant you’re growing. Look up how many hours of sunlight your plant needs and use that as a guide.

Once you know how many hours of light your plant needs, you are ready to begin growing it indoors. Here are some options you have for grow lights.


Need a plant container and a grow light?

Micro grow light gardens are great all-in-one ways to grow micro greens. These gardens come with everything: plant trays, a self-watering mat, and grow light in one package.


A micro-garden like this one from our own store is a great way to get started

These micro grow light gardens are a worthy investment since it allows you to grow multiple herbs and vegetables. Often, you will find one for under $200. However, we do understand the novice in you would probably want to try a cheaper option before jumping onto such an investment.


What are more affordable options?

If you already have containers for your plants, an affordable option is to get a grow lamp. You can find many different grow lamps online. Prices can range from as low as $20 to over $100.


A lamp like this one from Amazon will do for your plant

All you need to do is type “affordable grow light lamp” in Google, Amazon, or your favorite search engine  to find one near you.


But what if I have my own lamp?

Dust off that old desk lamp and replace the light with a grow light. bulb. These bulbs would be your cheapest options as these bulbs will run from under $20 to $50 per bulb.


You can use something like these bulbs from Amazon

It’s important to remember that these bulbs are not your typical bulbs. They will be bluer or redder depending on the bulb you choose. Blue bulbs are more beneficial if you are growing a vegetable garden while red bulbs are better for flowering plants. The bulb above, however, uses both colors to really aid your plant’s growth!

What else do I need?

Too much of anything is bad same goes for lighting your plants. If you are a fairly busy person, or just plain forgetful, use an automatic timer for your grow light. With the automatic timer your plant can receive the exact amount of light every day. How unnaturally natural!


An automatic timer like this one from Amazon will do.

Growing your own plant indoors may sound daunting, but it’s incredibly simple if you take the time to research the intensity and duration of your grow light. In this day and age, you can garden, even in the dreariest winters. So give it a shot!

Header image by Jonathan Simcoe

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