Planting garlic in containers

Although garlic does best when planted right into the ground, it can be grown in containers successfully too. Here are the three main differences that you need to be aware of when planting garlic in containers versus the garden:

  • You’ll want to choose a pot that is large: at least 18” deep and 12” wide. Half barrels or the large black buckets that trees come in are great for growing garlic in. You can pick any container with the size requirements, as long as there are drainage holes in the bottom.
  • The type of pot you choose will make a difference to how often you need to water your garlic. Terra cotta or uncoated ceramic pots dry out quicker than plastic or coated ceramic pots.


  • The soil used for growing in containers is different than that in a garden. It is important to use well draining potting soil, not garden soil: garden soil will get compacted and soggy, drowning the garlic bulbs.
  • When planting the cloves, leave 6” of space between the bulbs and 2” from the outside edge of the container.
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