Beginner tomato tips in 60 seconds


Ready to start growing tomatoes? As we mentioned in the previous article, these fruits are simple to grow. You can grow them anywhere with minimal time from you. All you need is a space where the tomatoes can get enough sun bathing time.

So, if you have found the space to start growing your tomatoes, go grab your tomato plant / seedling as you’re all ready to start growing! As you begin your journey to gardening consider some of these simple quick tips as you go from planting to harvest.



Unsure how much to buy? Buy at least two plants per person who eats tomatoes. Don’t be shy, buy multiple varieties if you can. Sun gold cherry tomatoes are a fun variety to try; they’re delicious and bring a burst of yellow colour to your garden.

Worried about your plant’s success? Bury at least an inch of plant’s stem to allow the plant to grow deep roots. It helps to also wrap the roots loosely on a black plastic bag before planting.

What’s next after you plant your tomato plant? Put a stick next to the stem and use some pieces of string or twist ties to anchor the plant. This will assist the growth of the plant skywards. Something like the image below will do; notice the stick is a bit to the side of the plant to avoid making contact with the roots below.

Tomato Stalking Stick

Image from Pinterest



How do you know when your plant needs extra attention? Remember brown and holey. Tomatoes are in need of some extra care when the leaves are turning brown or have holes.

How often do I water them? Three times a week, less if it’s raining. When watering the plants go straight for the roots. Pouring a pitcher of water straight to the roots is much more beneficial to your tomatoes than giving it a long shower from above. In fact, pouring water on the leaves can be more harmful than beneficial for your tomato plant!

How else can I keep the tomato alive? Once a week, observe you plant to see if there are extra branches growing from the main branches of the plant. These are called suckers/sucklings and should be cut out.

Tomato Plant Diagram

Image from Bonnie Plants

Also trim out leaves from the base of the plant. Fewer leaves allow for more sun on your ripening tomatoes and improve air circulation. You can read more here. Use the visual guide above to aide you in your trimming.



Need to know if your tomato is ready? Not green. If the tomato is not green, and so has changed colour to a brilliant red or orange or yellow colour go ahead and enjoy its yummy goodness.

With all these simple tips you almost guarantee a successful life for your tomato. Still unsure whether to grow tomatoes? Allow us to convince you.

But if you’re ready to start, jump right to your My Green Space app to set your tomato box today!


Header image by Ivan Timov

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