Vegetables for indoor gardening for beginners


When growing vegetables for consumption we recommend this list of the easiest herbs and vegetables to try growing inside:

  1. Basil                                         Image from:
  2. Oregano                                      Image from:
  3. Sage                                    Image from:
  4. Chives                                   Image from:
  5. Mint                                 Image from:
  6. Rosemary                                Image from:
  7. Leafy greens (not head lettuce), such as mesclun mix, arugula, and spinach                               Image from:
  8. Pac choi                              Image from:
  9. Mizuna                            Image from:
  10. Radishes                         Image from:
  11. Sprouts and micro-greens                         Image from:
  12. Chard                       Image from:
  13. Collards                      Image from:

If you're keen to challenge yourself, you can also try to grow peppers, tomatoes, and peas. But remember that these fruit bearing plants require pollination, which won't happen naturally indoors; so you will need to manually pollinate. This can easily be done for plants like tomatoes, peas, and peppers because they are self-fertile plants; meaning they have both the female and male parts in one flower. You can manually pollinate these plants by gently shaking the flowers or using a cotton swab or small paintbrush to transfer pollen into the middle part of the flower.

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