Hydroponic nutrient solution for beginners

It’s important to use a hydroponic nutrient solution or pre-formulated nutrient mix designed for a hydroponics system, and not just any fertilizer. Nutrients formulated for hydroponic systems have essential micronutrients that regular fertilizers for the soil do not have because they assume those micronutrients can be found in the soil. If you use regular fertilizer in your hydroponic system, your plants won’t get all the nutrients they need to grow big, healthy and productive.

You can buy nutrient solutions in most garden shops and centres that sell hydroponic equipment, so give a local place a call and see if they carry any!

If you’re looking to have it shipped to you, check out this site if you are in the US, and this site if you are in Canada.

If you’re ambitious and/or wanting to save money, you can try your hand at making your own nutrient solutions! Check out this link for a thorough breakdown of the steps you’ll need to take to make your own nutrient solutions. 


*Title photo from: https://www.citycrop.io/tag/hydroponics/