Celebrity Tomatoes

Celebrity Tomatoes

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Celebrity tomato seeds produce hardy plants that adapt well to a wide variety of adverse growing conditions. This popular hybrid is almost entirely maintenance free, grows vigorously and has exceptional disease resistance. Celebrity tomato seed plants are resistant to, or tolerant of, the following tomato diseases: Verticillium Wilt, Fusarium Wilt races 1 and 2, Nematodes, and Tobacco Mosaic Virus.

An All-America Selections (AAS) winner, Celebrity tomatoes are sweet and tasty with a nice texture. Enjoy fresh or use them for cooking, canning, juicing or salsas.

Celebrity tomatoes are versatile and may be planted in containers. Plants don’t require pruning, but should be caged or staked to support the weight of a bountiful crop. To ensure maximum yield and a continuous supply of delicious fruit, Celebrity tomatoes should be picked as soon as they are fully red.

Let your garden celebrate, and plant celebrity tomatoes today