Chioggia Guardsmark Organic Beets

Chioggia Guardsmark Organic Beets

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(Pronounced “kee-OH-jee-ah.”)

Chioggia Guardsmark beets are a striking Italian heirloom variety with light red, round roots and striking interior rings of alternating bright pink and white.

A feast for the eyes, the 2 inch round globes are also a sweet treat. With green tops and red stems, they are a colorful addition to dinner plates. Interestingly, each red ring in the cross section of these beets represents one lunar month of growth.

Chioggia beets seeds are a staff favorite that adds festive color to any meal. It’s easy to save seeds from this beet variety, but beets are biennial, so they flower and go to seed the spring after you plant them.

 Chioggia is also known as Dolce di Chioggia, Candystripe Beet, Bull’s Eye Beet, and Bassano. It takes its name from a fishing village in Italy, where it was known prior to the 1840s.