Chives Organic

Chives Organic

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Chives are delicious! A mild member of the Onion family they've been in use as a culinary herb in China since around 3,000 BC.

It was Marco Polo who returned westward with the notion that they made good eating, but chives were not popular in European gardens until the 16th century. 

Sow Chive seeds at any time of year. Chives are Hardy, perennial, and easy to grow, the chopped stems and pink flowers add a fresh, mild green onion flavor to sandwiches, salads, and baked potatoes.

Clumps can be divided in spring or fall. If grown in containers, divide frequently enough to provide for constant lateral growth.

Chives are surprisingly hardy and can be harvested all winter if given some protection from extreme cold. They are also quite drought tolerant and can survive the hot summers. 

The edible flowers are highly attractive to bumblebees, hoverflies, and other beneficial garden insects.