Jersey Knight Asparagus

Jersey Knight Asparagus

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The Jersey Knight variety yields some of the best-quality spears. Each mature plant will produce 7-9 quality spears with slightly purple bracts.

Spear diameter is between 1-2cm (3/8-3/4″). Jersey Knight has a high tolerance to fusarium wilt and crown rot as well as rust and cercospera leaf spot.

Planting asparagus from seeds is extremely economical, but it’s also very slow. We recommend novice gardeners buy starts to save time and increase your chance of success.

To develop strong plants, don't harvest for the first two years of growth. Rather, the plants are left to develop their tall, ferny foliage. This will allow them to establish thick, functioning roots for nutrient intake. In the third year, 40% of the spears can be harvested.